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GTA V Mods Lets You Play on Low End PCs

Do you have a low-end PC? Are you looking forward to enjoying in Los Santos in GTA V, but your PC does not let you? Fret not, Grand Theft Auto V modding community has got your back. A modder with the handle ’emirh08′ has managed compile and achieve the proper settings with file modification that will let the game run ... Đọc thêm »

Download and review GTA 5 gravity gun mod is delightfully chaotic

Also see our list of the best GTA 5 mods. The latest slice of chaotic GTA 5 rule-bending comes courtesy of modder ‘MatriZ’. It’s called Gravity Gun, and, as you might expect, it adds Half-Life 2 style Gravity Gun functionality to Los Santos’s playground of mindless violence. As you can see, it’s a pretty rough-‘n-ready script—both unpolished and containing a ... Đọc thêm »

Realism Dispatch Enhanced mod -GTA V

Inspiration I was brought on a 15 man team as the software developer for this mod. I was not the one who had the original vision for this project, but I had control to make the script portion of the mod as I envisioned the police system to be What it does All of us here at the GTA Realism ... Đọc thêm »

NaturalVision Remastered Launch Trailer

Readmore: NaturalVision Remastered Launch Trailer Forum old-timer IceVIP created a new video on the GTA-V, NaturalVision Remastered mod. Yesterday his buddy released a huge update for the mod and got a lot of new updates, GTA looks better than ever and IceVIP made another trailer, his most technically advanced trailer he ever made for this game. Since he’s part of the ... Đọc thêm »

police mod 2 gta v Download and review

Description PoliceMenuV is a mod menu developed by Abel Gaming for players who seek to have quick and easy access to police items within Grand Theft Auto V. This is much like a mod menu, or trainer, strictly dedicated to police items. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them below! Configuration Tool Place the configuration tool, MetroFramework.dll, ... Đọc thêm »

Download and review GTA V Drift Mod Will Let You Go Crazy in Los Santos

Gta V is making some serious headway in the modding world. It’s early stages yet, but some awesome mods have already been released. The name of the new mod is the LS Drift – Drifting Mod. You get both controller support and Numpad/arrow key support. You can do the mod to any car, but sportscars and super cars are preferable to ... Đọc thêm »

GTA V – Grand Theft Zombies Mod Download and review

GTA V – Grand Theft Zombies Mod Download and review . GTA Series Videos has provided a nice Mod showcase for Grand Theft Zombies Mod, made by GTZDevs, which can be viewed below: Grand Theft Auto V for PC – Mod Showcase: Grand Theft Zombies This video will show you some features from the Grand Theft Zombies Mod for the PC ... Đọc thêm »