Rampage trainer gta 5 mod

Rampage trainer gta 5 mod

Location: This mission is available after finishing the secondary mission Rampage Four. Its beginning location is marked by a skull icon, in the north-west part of Las Santos, in Mirror Park. You have to reach place shown on the screen above and approach the hipster sitting at the table.

This mission is standard one – you have to use your firearm and grenades to kill hostile hipsters and destroy their vehicles. During this fight, pay an attention to “suicides” on bikes and scooters, who will try to hit Trevor – kill them, before they move close to you. Mission lasts 2 minutes and you have to kill at least 20 hipsters within this time.

Reward for this mission:

  • repetition of Rampages unlocked.

100% mission completion requirements:

  • Get 50 Kills – you have to kill at least 35 enemies. First of all, focus on eliminating enemies without vehicles because they will die faster.
  • Get 10 Headshots – you have to perform 3 Headshots.
  • Destroy 2 Vehicles – you have to destroy 2 vehicles. Use grenades when the particular car stops somewhere.

— /Controls —

[ Keyboard ]

F4 – Open Trainer >> You can change that by yourself !
Arrow Up – Up
Arrow Down – Down
Left Arrow – Left
Right Arrow – Right
Backspace – Back
Enter – Select

You can also use your numpad to control the trainer.

[ Controller ]

[Press RB and A] / [Press R1 and X] – Open Trainer
DPAD Up – Up
DPAD Down – Down
DPAD Left – Left
DPAD Right – Right
B/Circle – Back
A/X – Select

— Credits —

[ Json Loader ]
Credits to Thenecromance for his .json vehicle-loader.

[ Enabeling MP Vehicles in SP ]
Credits to Unknown Modder for his bypass function.

[ XML compatibility ]
Credits to MAFINS (Menyoo)

— Important Things —

To change a Key in Rampage you can either change its VK Key Code in the Settings.json / Hotkeys.json or you can click on the info option inside Rampage to use the builtin Hotkey Manager to set a new one.

If you have any issues with Settings not Loading always try to use a fresh RampageFiles folder it may fix your issue. 

Download and review :

Rampage trainer gta 5