[1.11.2/1.10.2/1.8/1.7.10] Pet Buddy Mod

Pet Buddy Mod 1.10.2/1.8/1.7.10 is the little feature in the Mine craft game that allows you as a player to get an AI companion throughout your adventures. This feature does not add any importance to the play of the game, but it makes it more thrilling and attractive enhancing your interest to even indulge further in the higher levels of the game.

Here’s a list of all currently available mobs, listed with their item !

  • Sheep: wool (colored wool will color your sheep)
  • Mooshroom: red or browmn mushroom
  • Cow: leather
  • Pig: (raw) porkchop
  • Chicken: feather
  • Squid: ink sac
  • Bat: cookie
  • Polar Bear: Salmon or Cod
  • Villager: book
  • Zombie: rotten flesh
  • Skeleton: bone
  • Spider: string or a spider eye
  • Cave Spider: fermented spider eye
  • Ghast: ghast tear
  • Blaze: blaze rod or -powder
  • Enderman: ender pearl or -eye
  • Creeper: gunpowder.


How to Install Pet Buddy Mod?

  • First, you would need to download the Minecraft Forge.
  • You would then need to put the mode’s jar file into the mod’s directory. After the above two steps, you would then be ready to use it for your adventures in the Minecraft game.
  • There are different versions of the Pet Buddy mod that people can download and use. The latest one is the best because the buddy has more life and quick spawning ability as well as excellent health.

Download now!

Pet Buddy Mod

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