MoarSigns Mod for Minecraft [1.9/1.8.9/1.7.10]

Introduction Minecraft MoarSigns Mod for Minecraft

The Minecraft MoarSigns Mod would be preferred by players who like creativity. It adds new signs including wooden and metal; however, most of them are made from the material used in other mods.

Well, for starters, it extends various sign types includingBiomes O’ Plenty, Tinkers’ Construct and base metals. The recipe is same, but the final result would be much more colorful and decorative compared to the standard sign.

The GUI is very simple and that’s the best part about this mod. It allows you to set the text size and edit the sign message conveniently, plus you also have the freedom to change the text color and style, and place it anywhere even on the ceiling to give your structure a unique look. To add a sign on the floor or ceiling, simply press shift and click where you want to place it.


Mod Installation:

  • Visit the Minecraft website and install the latest Minecraft Forge 1.9
  • Go to the start menu and type ‘%appdata%/.minecraft/mods” (without caps)
  • Download the MoarSign Mod
  • Move the MoarSign Jar file to the ‘mods’ folder
  • Run the game and enjoy

Download Link:

MoarSigns Mod 1.9