Dragon Mounts Mod Minecraft – MC 1.8/1.7.10

Dragon Mounts Mod Minecraft – MC 1.8/1.7.10

Do you want another extreme fun game? Why not try Dragon Mounts Mod 1.8?

The Dragon Mounts Mod is exactly as it sounds, it gives you hatch-able dragon eggs that can be tamed and ridden. Now you can get some use out of the egg you win from defeating the Ender Dragon. You’ll simply need to place the egg and right-click it. It’s best to place it in an enclosure you’d like to keep the dragon in


Your new dragon pet will need a saddle for you to be able to ride it. Then just right-click and you’re off. But the neat part about riding the dragon is that you don’t always need to fly it. You can walk around like a horse or tap the ‘r’ key and it’ll start flying. R will make you go up and F will make you go down. You can even enable auto-flight/walking by equipping a carrot on a stick while riding.


So play now Dragon Mounts Mod Minecraft and enjoy your leisure time to the fullest.

 Download: Dragon Mounts Mod 1.8.8