Download and How To Install The Simple Trainer Mod

Download and How To Install The Simple Trainer Mod .For those who are looking to install the simple trainer mod for their GTA V game then look no further! This guide will also help those who are experiencing troubles related to the simple trainer mod and provide solutions that should help fix their trainer mod.

Before you implement the mod, make sure you read the following;

1) There is an anti-cheat mechanism on the hooked file which means that it will terminate if you attempt to get on GTA Online – thus GTA Online will not work preventing you from accidentally banning yourself. To get back on GTA Online just simply move the modded files out of the root directory.

2) It is a good idea to make a backup file of your game, in case the sh*t hits the fan, (Somehow) so you can revert back to your original files.

3) Do not use the trainer on GTA Online if you do so you may be banned.

What To Download?

You will need to download the following:

1) Scripthook V

You should have the files dinput8.dll and scripthookv.dll the other file is not needed unless you want the native trainer and not the simple trainer.

2) The Simple Trainer

You should have the files trainerV.asi and trainerv.ini

3) Scripthook dot net

You should have the file scripthookdotnet.asi